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Good Biz Guelph

Good Biz Guelph is Innovation Guelph’s name for all the events, workshops and peer-to-peer groups that we provide to support sustainable business and social enterprise.

November is sustainable business month at Innovation Guelph

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#GoodBizGuelph: Innovation Guelph Annual Sustainability Social

Come learn, collaborate and celebrate the growth of Guelph’s sustainable business and social ecosystem. Network with entrepreneurs, government leaders, special guests and sustainability experts.

B Corp Bootcamp

Learn business sustainability basics and the ins-and-outs of B Corp certification in this  workshop.

B Corp is to business what fair trade certification is to coffee and chocolate, or USDA organic certification is to food. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. B Corp certification can help differentiate your business, generate press, attract investors and engage talent. B Corp certification makes good business sense.

In these sessions will:

– Build your understanding of the four pillars of B Corp certification (governance, workers, community and environment)

– Provide help with your assessment

– Demystify the B Corp Impact Assessment with tools, tips and strategies to improve your score and achieve certification