It’s Innovation Guelph’s 10th Anniversary!

In celebration, we’re using a platform called Memento (formerly Vidhug) to put together a fun group video featuring congratulatory messages from people like you – our clients, partners, staff, mentors, industry experts, and members of our wonderful and supportive community.

The process is easy, fun and takes just a few moments!

Want to Join in?

Simply click on this link to record a brief video using the webcam on your smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet.

You don’t need to register or install an app to submit your video clip (we suggest a video that around 10-15 seconds). When you’re happy with your video recording, simply submit and we’ll take care of the rest. The group video will premiere this fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I say in my video clip?

A. It’s up to you, but our suggestion would be to say your name, title (optional) and a brief message of congratulations on Innovation Guelph’s 10th anniversary. Feel free to include a brief message of thanks or share how IG has made a difference to you.

Here’s a sample, but you can make it your own:

I’m Anne Toner Fung, CEO of Innovation Guelph. Congratulations to Innovation Guelph on its 10th anniversary! Over the last ten years, Innovation Guelph has made a difference by supporting businesses that can—and do—change the world. We couldn’t do it without our incredible team, our clients, and our partners – all the people who made our success possible. Cheers to the next ten years!

Q: How will you use my clip?

A. We’ll be compiling the clips into a fun group video that we’ll share at meetings, on our social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube and on Innovation Guelph’s website.

Q: How long should my video clip be?

A. We suggest around 10-15 seconds.

Q. Do you have any other tips?

A. Keep it simple or get a little creative. Feel free to include a prop, your dog or cat, or show off your amazing products or signage in the background. Decent lighting and sound will make your video even better. Have fun with it! If you need extra help, email XXX at

Here’s the link to get started now!