5 Questions with Cherolyn Knapp

Feb 18, 2016 | Innovation Guelph Blogs & Stories

We’re so excited for Ignite. Empower. Innovate. 2016, we couldn’t wait to pick the brains of some of our brilliant session facilitators, panelists and keynote speakers. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them before the conference and that you’ll take the opportunity to connect in person.

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Cherolyn Knapp knows a thing or two about negotiation. As a lawyer and partner with Nelson, Watson LLP, she provides legal advice and representation in various types of disputes and has represented clients before all levels of Court in Ontario.

Cherolyn’s approach to dispute resolution focuses on negotiation and mediation to achieve out of court settlements, and seeks court determination of disputes that cannot be resolved.

We can’t wait to soak up her experience and expertise in her afternoon session “The Art of Negotiation”. Read on to hear more from Cherolyn.


What can participants expect to learn during your session?

“After looking at approaches to conflict and what research tells us about the impact of gender on negotiation, we will examine the usual negotiation styles and their effectiveness. Participants will learn strategies for overcoming our fear of negotiating, capitalizing on our abilities as problem solvers, and boosting confidence at the negotiating table.”

What skill do you think is most important for women to master in order to advance their career, and why?

“Negotiation is a skill that encompasses relationship-building, problem-solving, strategy and common sense. These are skills women already have. When women can combine these skills with the confidence of embracing negotiation, they will have the skills to advance in their careers and businesses.”

What advice would you give to your younger self at the start of your career?

“Have more self-confidence. You know things already and what you don’t know, you can learn. Connect with others who can help show you the way. Believe in yourself.”

What do women need to lead in the 21st century economy?

“Women need to embrace their natural talents, foster the talents of others and collaborate with others in order to lead in the 21st century.”

What part of the event are you most excited about?

“I’m excited about the keynote speakers and meeting other women to talk about leadership. Admittedly, I am also excited about my workshop on negotiation. I have heard from many women who have registered for it and I look forward to sharing what I have learned about the art of negotiation.”


Connect with Cherolyn on Twitter and LinkedIn:

Twitter: @ontarioempltlaw

LinkedIn: Cherolyn Knapp

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