Recognized for his expertise in agriculture, Felix Weber, President of Ag Business & Crop Inc. , and the first recipient of the Precision Ag Builders Award from the Precision Ag Conference 2019, says he comes from a farming family. He loved being: on the land, self-employed, active and the business decision maker.

Weber says his own farm experienced significant growth and he eventually needed a change. He began consulting to help others find solutions for their businesses. During this time he became interested in drones and their ability to monitor crops through aerial imagery, ultimately becoming a distributor for senseFly products.

“Today our company is focused on labour saving equipment that provides solutions such as automated soil samplers in addition to drones,” Weber said. “And, I’m still a part time farmer,” he added explaining that it’s been an evolution. “Farmers are required to do all things and have broad skills.”

Weber’s company helps others to find innovative solutions to perform better. They take the extra step to provide the education and support that allow clients to use the solutions to their best advantage. The innovation is within enabling precision farming and finding ways to perform repeatable tasks easier and better.

Ag Business & Crop Inc.’s customer base extends beyond agriculture to other industries like hydro, mining and construction.  Weber says when meeting with a potential customer they assess whether their tools can help, and which tools will work best. “Sometimes,” he says, “you realize you may not be able to help; so you need to be honest.”

Looking toward the future, Weber says his company is positioned for growth. We are bigger and have a bigger team now, he said. With growth has come change. “As a single operator I made all the decisions trying to view things from different perspectives,” Weber said. “Having a team helps me look at things differently and they generate new ideas.”

When it comes to working with Innovation Guelph, Weber says IG helped him make important decisions leading to changes to scale his business. For companies who are currently working with IG, Weber suggests they keep an open mind and try different things.

“It’s important to trust that the questions you are being asked can reveal new solutions or inspire positive changes,” Weber advises.