Agri-innovation Accelerator

Business support to cultivate your agriculture company!

Ready to grow your business? Is Innovation part of your DNA?

Recognizing that agriculture, from farm to fork and kitchen to manufacturing, is supported by ranchers, growers, manufacturers, distributors, scientists, academics, developers, designers, retailers and consumers, our agri-innovation programming has been tailor-made for the agri-food, agri-tech and agri-innovation sectors.

Are You Eligible?

If your company is scalable, generating a minimum of $200,000 and within agri-food, agri-tech and agri-innovation sectors, you can qualify for this program.

What’s in it for you?

This program provides over $5,000 in support for business scale-up services. Our mentors have substantial experience working with a diverse range of ag businesses. They will help you achieve your objectives with a two-phased approach.


Discovery Phase

First, you’ll connect with IG’s lead mentor team who will spend up to 15 hours with you identifying your company’s best options for growth.

COST: FREE for a select group of qualified SMEs. (Over a $2,000 value)

Traction Phase

Next, you’ll work with IG industry specialist(s) to decide upon, and execute, a project (minimum 50 hours) that will leverage the greatest opportunities identified in the Discovery phase.

COST: Fee for service, with up to 30 hours subsidized.


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