Jamstack is changing the way musicians interact with their instruments through hardware and the creation of software, making collaboration easier.

Chris Prendergast, CEO of Jamstack

Three years ago, musician Chris Prendergast had an idea and a dream to create something that was totally innovative. Frustrated by the pieces of equipment necessary to emulate a guitar sound he’d heard on the radio, he was inspired to find a better way. He wished an amp could fit right on the guitar body to make it easier to experiment with. Using his guitar experience and his engineering background, he came up with a prototype.

In the process of getting his idea to market, Prendergast kept an open mind, and through researching and proof of concept work, he saw the bigger picture. Using a smart phone app with the hardware expanded the concept to create opportunities for collaboration among musicians.

Working with Innovation Guelph (IG), Prendergast said he remembers attending workshops and working with IG mentors Don Thompson and Melissa Durrell. The work involved defining Jamstick’s value proposition, creating a pitch deck to attract investment and general business guidance.

Since working with IG, Jamstack has raised an investment of $1.5M and are about to launch their second generation Jamstack 2, a product demonstrating a whole new level of innovative that can even work with home audio applications. With an Indiegogo campaign, Jamstack’s mission is to help musicians play their electric guitar anywhere with any sound.

Prendergast said the company was not significantly impacted by COVID as his team works remotely and was already using collaborative software to connect. While they experienced some slow down with their hardware manufacturer because of the pandemic, he has also benefited by reducing time on the road travelling since people being more willing to connect virtually.

As an entrepreneur, Prendergast sees success as a ladder of progress with two main variables – credibility and financing.
“You need to use your finances to positively impact credibility – like investing in a prototype or marketing to generate more financing. Credibility assets will lead to the ability to finance for yourself,” he said.

He also advises entrepreneurs to access all available resources including innovation centres like IG.
“You need to work hard, keep networking and leverage the help that’s offered.”