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When your business is growing, objectives can be misaligned, and initiatives can derail.

Even with the best intentions, daily activities can hamper momentum.

Learn how your business can use a 90-day sprint cadence to boost personal and team productivity, provide the focus your team needs, and develop action plans that will map out the steps to long- term strategic goals.



Who is your ideal customer? What segment of the market do you want to target?

What is the best way to target high value personas? What is your messaging framework and what promotional strategy is best for you?

These questions can be answered with a Marketing and Communications Strategy Session. This session results in documented company goals and objectives, as well as target audience and market segment identification to develop an effective promotional strategy.


Are you ready to move strategic goals forward but could use some advice?

An Advisory Board can work with your management team and fill knowledge gaps within your organization. Because they are not stakeholders or a Board of Directors, they have greater flexibility in structure and management.

Let our mentors, seasoned entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, leverage their experience to help guide you and your business. Let’s talk about how this could work for you.


As your business grows, the structure changes to adapt.

This offering provides your company with executive expertise that you may not yet need full-time.

Innovation Guelph mentors have C-Suite and senior executive level expertise, from a variety of sectors. Your company can access embedded executive help: as an executive in your organization, on a contract basis, or to help your organization move to your next growth milestones.


Strategic planning is a process that aligns all functional units of an organization with common goals, targets and objectives.

By prioritizing the actions and initiatives that form the strategic plan; an entire organization is given ‘permission’ to act strategically.

By involving key members of an organization in the strategic planning process, ownership and accountability are encouraged.

More Complex Challenges

Not finding the right solution for your business? Perhaps your company would qualify for our customized startup and SME programs.

If you are unsure about the best course of action, our program managers would be happy to have a conversation. You can use the contact form below or call 519-265-4495.


Collision, connection and cross-pollination generate great ideas, and great ideas can change the world! We can provide you with unique business programs and services that support scale-up.

Is there room in your business for any of these solutions?

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