On Thursday June 1st, Innovation Guelph held a celebratory event where we raised our glasses to congratulate 12 amazing companies on becoming our newest cohort of our Fuel Injection recipients. Jay McLean , on behalf of our event sponsor MNP, offered up a toast, saluting the upcoming success and innovation of the entrepreneurial spirit in the room. (pictured above)

The twelve companies were chosen by a selection and judging panel, and deemed as the finalists from over 60 applications. Each finalist company will receive $30,000 in matching seed fund monies (from NRC-FedDev) and work closely with our experienced mentor team to complete their planned, innovative projects; projects aimed at increasing revenue, launching services and/or products, growing their team and attracting add-on investment.

We’re almost as excited as they are to get things going!

Please join us in welcoming the following companies into the Fuel Injection Program:

· BN Progressive Products Ltd.
· Champions of Butter
· Cupanion aka Green Menu Inc.
· Forbidden Fruit Cold Pressed Juice
· Good Food for Good
· Heartwood Farm and Cidery
· Soleluna Cosmetics
· Stock Exchange Mindful Nourishment Inc.
· The Friendly Chef Adventures Inc.
· WaterFarmers UAI
· WELO aka Better Start Naturals
· Youth Circus Project Corp.

Since 2015, the Fuel injection program has provided support and mentorship to 42 innovative companies in Southwestern Ontario. Some of our outstanding previous recipients have tackled everything from air and water pollution, energy production, automated medication delivery, food & beverage production and civic engagement platforms for urban development … just to name a few!

Click here to see past recipients.

We look forward to watching the projects unfold and to experiencing how they will change the world around us!

For more information on the Fuel Injection program, click here.

NOTE: Our program partner, Bioenterprise, delivers this program as the Bioenterprise Seed Funding Program .