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Innovation Guelph is proud to serve as a hub where businesses and community converge, collaborate, and cross-pollinate. Our mentorship, business support services, programming, and events have helped over 1,200 businesses of all sizes for the last decade.

Since 2019, supporting circular businesses has been one of our focus areas, and we have played a pivotal role in helping Guelph-Wellington’s circular food economy grow and thrive.

Through our research and programming in the circular economy space, we have built an extensive network of leading regional and international experts. Wherever you are in your circular journey, we will connect you to the ideas and people that will take your business to the next level.

COIL Circular Accelerator

COIL Activate Circular Accelerator helps scalable businesses rethink waste and reach new markets through circular knowledge and practices.

Who you are

  • Entrepreneur with a passion for circular innovation 
  • Business with a demonstrated track record of growth  
  • Registered business in Canada and operational within southern Ontario 

What you get

  • Funding and financing of up to $30,000 

  • Hands-on executive-level mentorship 

  • Leading-edge circular economy training 

  • Link to Canada’s leading agri-innovation hub 

  • Support to scale your business 

Meet our Previous Program Participants

Building on the learnings and success from the previous cohorts of the COIL Activate accelerator, as well as the COIL Evolve pre-accelerator, Cohort 3 of COIL Activate has been revised and improved. COIL Evolve has been merged into COIL Activate to create a new, more accessible program for circular businesses. 

Hear from Dihan Chandra (Spent Goods), Nicole Leighton (the SEED) and Jamie Draves (Quinta Quinoa Local Superfoods Inc) as they share their experience with the Activate Accelerator program.

Quinta Local Superfoods Inc.

Jamie Draves | Guelph/Eramosa

Superfood company implementing circular economy principles by growing and supplying 100% Canadian High Nutrient Quinoa to stores, and communities in need, while reducing emissions and implementing sustainable packaging alternatives.

Abokichi Inc.

Fumi Tsukamoto | Hamilton

A Japanese inspired food brand that develops innovative and unique products using upcycled ingredients.

Spent Goods

Dihan Chandra | Toronto

Food waste solutions provider that enables Canadian businesses to transform spent barley from craft breweries into delicious foods that can then be sold in grocery stores, markets, schools, and restaurants.

Escarpment Labs

Richard Preiss | Guelph

A  beer yeast producer that manufactures liquid beer yeasts and helps craft brewers make better beer. Our COIL Activate project centers on integrating circularity into the core of our business, transforming waste into new foods such as vinegar, soy sauce, and mushrooms.

AG Business & Crop Inc.

Felix Weber | Palmerston

Supplies innovative tools for precision agriculture and educates farmers across Canada on how to improve environmental sustainability and crop productivity when growing nutritious food.


Nicole Leighton | Guelph

As a project of the Guelph Community Health Centre, the SEED aims to ensure that everyone in Guelph-Wellington has access to nutritious food. The SEED’s Good Food Warehouse intercepts good food that might otherwise be wasted and redirects it where it is most needed.

Heartwood Farm & Cidery

Matt Steinman | Erin

A  family-owned regenerative farm and cidery offering immersive onsite experiences and craft beverages, including a new line of non-alcoholic beverages.

The Conscious Kitchen

Simone Weinstein & Celeste Lopreito | Holland Centre

As a solution to the waste that is produced by the meal kit industry, The Conscious Kitchen provides convenient, ready-to-eat meals that are plant-based and zero-waste.

Suntech Greenhouses Ltd.

Devon Allin | Manotick

A hydroponic greenhouse that grows high-end tomatoes and cucumbers and is using food waste reduction technologies to save produce that would otherwise be wasted. 

Fill It Forward

Jennifer Coupland | Guelph

At Fill it Forward we are on a mission to inspire reuse. We use the Fill it Forward app to quantify the environmental benefits of reuse on the individual and collective level, and incentivize reuse through charitable giving that users unlock every time they reuse. The COIL project has provided the opportunity to investigate the value of our environmental benefits quantification as it relates to voluntary carbon markets, and strengthen our GHG calculations through continued third party life cycle analysis validation. 


Kieran Alkerton | Toronto

Crisper is Toronto’s zero waste, plant-based meal kit subscription service. We deliver fresh ingredients and delicious recipes in reusable and returnable packaging that we retrieve from your doorstep. 

Our COIL project is designed to help Crisper scale up by investing in our commercial kitchen to handle more volume, and improving our marketing strategy and analytics to better attract new customers. 

Green Circle Dine Ware

Geet Sheth | Cambridge

Green Circle is a dedicated paper drinking straw manufacturer located in Cambridge, Ontario. Owned and operated by young engineers, our mission is to create a plastic free world for our future generations. 


Kayli Dale | Guelph

Friendlier is on a mission to simplify the transition from single-use to reusable packaging. They are working with COIL to optimize their sanitation process to maximize capacity and minimize processing costs. 

Abbey Gardens

Ashley McAllister | Haliburton

Abbey Gardens is a charitable organization with a mission to re-green a former gravel pit into a destination for recreational, educational, ecological, and economic development opportunities for our community to live more sustainably. The goal of our COIL project is to enable a community based circular food economy, one step at a time, through recruiting customers, partners and hands on education. We are dedicated to increasing awareness about food circularity and decreasing food waste in Haliburton County. 

A.R Environmental Solutions Inc.

Azizur Rahman | Toronto

A.R. Environmental Solutions converts food waste into ethanol, ethanol-derived products (sanitizers and cleaning agents), and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer as a by-product.


Circulr is working to create an accessible circular economy system for consumer packaged goods. By recapturing jars and other durable packaging destined for landfills, we’re helping keep more resources in circulation and preventing unnecessary emissions from new packaging manufacturing.

Beck's Broth

Beck’s Broth has reinvented hot chocolate by formulating it from bone broth, organic cacao, and local honey. This project will support Beck’s Broth to expand into the Farmers Market and retail space while supporting efforts to stay environmentally friendly.


Be One to Give is a B2B delivery app for surplus food lost or wasted in businesses along the supply chain. Our primary objective is to redistribute 100% of avoidable food waste across Canada by 2030.

Winterhill Farm and Garden

Winterhill is installing a new electrical service, which will allow us to convert an unheated greenhouse into a plant nursery. A plant nursery will allow us to produce plants more consistently and produce more delicious and nutritious food for our local community which saves all the emissions of transporting that food in from other parts of the world.

Nurture Growth Biofertilizier Inc.

Le Luong | Mississauga

Nurture Growth is a circular economy company that upcycles food waste and transforms it into an earth-friendly microbial fertilizer with bio stimulant and bio inoculant benefits.

The food waste feeds the beneficial microbes in our biofertilizer and when applied to plants, it builds healthy soils which promotes vigorous growth and increases yields.

Windsor Industrial Development Laboratory Inc.

Ben Chouchaoui | Windsor

WIDL is attempting a first in the rubber industry by transforming a scrapped passenger tire into a finished engineered product, going through tire shredding, devulcanizing the thermoset rubber powder (selectively breaking sulfur bonds between long molecular chains), compounding the devulcanized material, compression molding of the engineered product selected, and testing the engineered product, with assistance from various partners in the industry.

Branching Out Support Services

Kimberly Van Ryn | Orangeville

The CommonFare Kitchen serves up whole food and full belonging to all members of our community with a focus on skills training, workshops and a granola making production that will employ neuro-diverse people. The CommonFare Kitchen works for justice and food security for everyone – join us.


Nikki Self | Toronto

This project will launch Saponetti Essentials, our new refillable line of premium household products, through strategic retail partnerships in the GTA expanding our reach to new customers and meeting them where they shop every day. Not just a product, Saponetti Essentials offers an end-to-end circular packaging system focused on delivering services that reduce waste while providing opportunities for consumers and B2B partners to take action against single-use plastics.


Lucy Cullen | Toronto

EarthPup is an eco-conscious dog treat company in Toronto, upcycling ingredients that would otherwise be thrown out into natural dog treats. With COIL, they will be launching a line of new products with upcycled ingredients.

Terra Bio

Ricardo Martinez | Toronto

Terra Bio is focused on producing and valorizing the next generation of vegan proteins from upcycled spent grains. For this, Terra Bio will ensure Food Safety compliance to be able to commercialize the protein.

All Sorts Acres Farm

Jennifer Osborn | Ayton 

All Sorts Acres Farm is an integrated sheep dairy that does its own value added products derived from sheep from sheep milk to wool. The COIL program is assisting with bringing in machinery to utilize local waste wool into a valuable soil amendment. 

Our Network and Partners

Accelerator Partners

Circular Valley (Germany) 

Closed Loop Partners (USA) 

Foresight (British Columbia) 

Tondo (Italy)

University of Edinburgh (UK)

COIL Project Partners

10C Shared Space

Business Centre Guelph-Wellington

Launch It Minto

University of Guelph, Arrell Food Institute

University of Guelph, John F. Wood Centre

Curriculum Providers

Anthesis Provision; Biomimicry Frontiers;

Circle Economy; Conestoga College;

Foresight; The Global Centre of Indigenomics;

SVC Consulting; University of Guelph

The Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad (COIL) program guides you in forming the connections you need to take your business to the next level. Innovation Guelph’s ability to facilitate circular growth in southern Ontario’s food & environmental sectors is made possible by the contributions of our many community partners, including:

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