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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with CoLabournation, a local organization that connects you with vetted Canadian freelancers who can help with your virtual marketing, communication, and administration needs. They have hand-picked and vetted nearly 100 Canadian freelancing copywriters, website builders, designers, photographers, videographers, social media content creators, and other professionals to help you complete one-time projects and/or any ongoing needs with confidence and ease. CoLabourNation freelancers range from new professionals to highly seasoned experts offering complete solutions for when you need it most.

Let Innovation Guelph know that you would like to take advantage of the FREE CONSULTATION & $50 discount on The Freelancer Onboarding Package*, today!

*  $50 off coupon is applied to  The Freelancer Onboarding Package which includes:

  • A pdf Quickstart Checklist to Onboarding Freelancers
  • Up to two hours with a virtual assistant to document your marketing and branding assets, project management, and communication systems to help you onboard a freelancer
  • A fillable Freelancer Orientation Guide customized to your business that you can give to all new freelancers to quickly bring them up to speed with your company

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