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Innovation is one of the key building blocks of entrepreneurship and a sustainable economy, and today’s successful businesses must continually reinvent themselves in order to survive and thrive.

More and more business owners are looking WITHIN their organizations to unlock the creativity and energy of employees to drive innovation, boost productivity and enhance competitiveness. Employee ownership is one strategy for sustaining innovation that has been gaining traction in recent years.

Employees who own part of the company have more incentive to share their ideas and expertise in order to improve the bottom line and grow their investment. Studies have shown that workers at companies where employees have a significant stake tend to be more productive and innovative and have lower turnover rates.

It’s an idea that continues to gain momentum: according to The Economist magazine, in 2015 some 32 million American workers owned stock in their companies through pension plans and profit-sharing, share ownership and share option schemes. Forbes reports that the number of employee-owned businesses is rising nearly 10 per cent a year in the United Kingdom and six per cent annually in the U.S. In Britain, successive governments have introduced new tax measures to promote employee ownership in response to the findings of the 2012 Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership.

Could some form of employee ownership be right for you and your company? Find out more at a unique workshop on Feb. 16th hosted by Innovation Guelph and presented by the Shared Enterprise Institute. The “Implementing Employee Ownership” workshop will make the business case for employee ownership and explore how it can significantly increase the value of a company. Participants will also learn how to evaluate whether employee ownership is the right strategy for their company, and how to implement the steps involved in setting up a program.

The one-day workshop features a diverse and engaging panel of experts including:

  • Melanie Russell, Kalex Valuations Inc.: Melanie is a Managing Partner at Kalex and an expert in the areas of business and asset valuation, quantification of damages, income determination and forensic accounting. She is active in teaching business valuations and related topics at various universities and professional organizations.
  • Warren Ragoonanan, Gardiner Miller Arnold Law: A business lawyer, Warren is passionate about corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. He is also the Chair of the International Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association.
  • Greg Kennedy, Meridian Credit Union: Greg is a Senior Wealth Consultant concentrating on wealth management for individual clients with a particular focus on assisting business owners with succession planning and implementation.
  • Peter Cameron, Ontario Co-operative Association (On Co-op™): As the Co-op Development Manager, Peter is responsible for supporting and starting new co-ops. He also works with various government ministries to promote the co-operative business model.
  • Mark Goldberg, Innovation Guelph: As a mentor at Innovation Guelph, Mark coaches startups and small- to medium-sized businesses. He is also a founder of four businesses and an NGO.
  • Michael Breen, Shared Enterprise Institute: An international finance professional for 30 years, Michael has been designing, writing and delivering courses and workshops for the last decade to a variety of clients including the University of Toronto, Conestoga College and the Supply Chain Management Association.
  • John Mill, Shared Enterprise Institute: Building on a successful legal career, John has developed workshops for numerous national and local organizations including the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors.
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