Anyone who has been around Guelph for long knows there are some fantastic sustainability initiatives happening here. We were the first city to commit to a community energy plan when we made a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  We show leadership nationally for the number of residential solar panels we have per capita. The list goes on. In fact, Guelph was recently recognized for our climate change work with the GLOBE Canada Municipal Trailblazer climate leadership award. But did you know- there are many business leaders in sustainability that come through Guelph to drive change in Guelph and beyond. As my new role at Innovation Guelph focuses on sustainability initiatives, I’d like to take a moment to showcase a few of Innovation Guelph’s clients who are leaders in this space.

The Avocado Sustainability Co-operative Inc.For those of us who want to make sustainability a practice at home, sometimes it can be time consuming and inconvenient to find products that are good for our planet. Enter Avocado Co-op.  Based in Waterloo, Avocado co-op offers a monthly delivery service to provide you with sustainable versions of your household products. They offer everything from 100% recycled paper to environmentally friendly cleaning products and soaps. They even do the research for you, to find the most sustainable options. This business definitely makes life a lot easier when trying to live sustainably.

CupanionSometimes it’s a struggle to know, how much of a difference am I making when I make responsible environmental choices? That’s why measuring impact is so important. Cupanion is a Guelph based reusable water bottle company, which helps you do just that. They have an app where you scan your reusable water bottle to track your reuse, in order to better understand the impact of your good habits.  As a little incentive, every time you do this Cupanion will donate a cup of clean water to someone in need. So far, users have helped Cupanion donate over 3.3 million cups to those without clean water. How cool!

Currently, a large number of compostable products end up in the landfill. StormFisher Environmental is working to change that. They have been operating a biogas plant in London, which harnesses methane from food waste to create renewable energy. They also use valuable nutrients from the waste to create an organic fertilizer. Talk about reusing! Over the next ten years, they estimate they can avoid the release of 37.5 million tonnes of CO2e emissions, the equivalent of taking 7,500 cars off the road. This is all while saving food processors over fifty million dollars.

I hope you enjoyed this small taste of what Innovation Guelph’s clients have to offer the sustainability transition. Stayed tuned on more info on how businesses can help with the green transition!