Econse: Helping Solve Water Challenges

Sep 28, 2021 | Client Stories, IG Blog Posts

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IG Alumni, Econse, is creating the next generation of technologies to help solve the world’s most critical water challenges. Derek Davy, CEO, leads this cleantech company that is building waste water treatment solutions for multiple industries to help them reduce their footprint. The technology is helping companies across North America making water stewardship easier.

The Entrepreneur 

Derek had been working in other industries with water in intensive industrial processes when he recognized the challenge of water treatment and wanted to find a better way. “I met my partners who are technical experts and I was infatuated with their ideas,” he said. “Their big ideas were practical across multiple industries.”

The Vision 

Derek said the company has accomplished some of the goals they had hoped for, and he is proud of that. “There’s still a long way to go to help make this affordable technology available around the world.”  

The company has launched a new series of educational videos that explore topics including eliminating algae and persistent chemicals to help businesses and municipalities. Water Stories are available on YouTube and the website. Additionally, they are launching a case study that highlights how a craft brewer achieved impactful results using Econse technology.  

Working with IG 

Innovation Guelph helped Econse with some of their early projects with mentorship and a grant through the Fuel Injection program. The grant provided Econse with the means to pilot test their technology to demonstrate and validate it for potential clients.  

In the years since, Econse has expanded its focus from food and beverage clients to Agriculture and R&D projects. They are working with academic institutions to further innovate. The Institute of Nano Technology in the University of Waterloo is partnering on breakthrough technology. “We continue to innovate every day,” Derek said.  

Impact of COVID 

Like many companies, Econse’s response to COVID was to adapt and pivot. “Mostly COVID impacted our installation schedule, although we are considered an essential service,” he said. “We shifted our technology to a more automated module that allowed our clients to manage with reduced staff while providing real-time data.” 

Lessons Learned 

As an entrepreneur and business leader, Derek said he’s learned, “Things take longer than you imagine. If you stick with it, you go further than you imagined.” 

Econse is interested in working with companies and organizations that want to improve water use; both incoming and outgoing. Their niche technology helps companies adhere to regulations. “When it comes to water, there’s a gap related to climate change and global warming,” he said. “Technology can address this gap taking a more active role.”