What if there was a solution that when sprayed could kill bacteria and virus microbes on contact? What if that spray formed a coating that when dry would continue to kill viruses when touched by contaminated hands?

EnvisionSQ CEO Scott Shayko says his company’s GermStopSQ can do just that! “We are developing products that are new to the world, innovative and game-changing,” said Shayko. “We are creating new product lines using the principles of current ones.”

EnvisionSQ, based in Guelph, is tackling some of the world’s greatest health issues. It is a research and development company whose innovative technologies create cleaner, safer environments for families and communities around the world.

Shayko had previously worked in environmental consulting was inspired to start this business to get products to market that provide solutions. The company’s first product, SmogStop Barrier, reduces noise and air pollution from motor vehicles. Shayko says his scientific background in assessing the impact of transportation on humans from an air pollution perspective helped inspire the product’s inception.

Computer rendering of EnvisionSQ’s SmogStop Barrier

In addition to SmogStop Barrier, another of their products, SmogStop Filter also removes nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause respiratory and other health problems.

While COVID-19 slowed down their SmogStop business due to manufacturing halts, parts shortages and pilot projects suffering from temporary business and government closures, Shayko and his colleagues were inspired to pivot. They knew they could help with their technology and wanted to make a difference!

The result, GermStopSQ, leverages their SmogStop chemical coatings, optimized for COVID-19, that has a high kill rate for bacteria and viruses. The product is going through the Health Canada approval process and will soon be available to the public through partnerships worldwide.

As an IG alumnus, Shayko says working with Innovation Guelph helped raise the company profile. “The biggest help was with marketing and advertising and producing animations and videos that explain how our technology works,” he said.

Shayko said while the company is focusing on providing solutions that matter, they are also implementing their plan to become an international company with diversified product lines, implemented across many market sectors and geographies. “We want people to be aware of our products and to know we can positively impact health.”

Shayko advises other founders and entrepreneurs to hold onto their companies as long as they can to gain equity and maintain control. “Don’t always worry about which partners will give you the most money,” he said. “Work with good people. Relationships matter.”


The Globe & Mail featured Envision SQ in a recent article: From infection control to mental-health assistance, COVID-19-related research will have enduring benefits