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Through research, we can now describe the profile of the person who adapts inter-culturally (both to culture and to workplace) most effectively. In this session we will focus on: exploring the adaptation process and the strategies that make it successful; a self-assessment tool (used by both new Canadians and multicultural workplaces) that not only identifies one’s personal areas of strength and challenge in adaptation but also provides action plans for addressing areas of challenge; and identifying aspects of culture that may appear in the workplace.

Learning Objective – In this session you will learn:

  • Practical tips and strategies to help you adapt your workplace for a diverse employee base
  • How cultural adaptation can improve workplace effectiveness

The HIO cross-cultural competency training is designed to equip employers, HR Professionals, and people managers with practical skills, strategies and tools needed to increase cultural competencies and prepare workplaces for a culturally diverse employee base.

Why Cross-Cultural Competency?

There are seven modules in this suite of professional development training sessions. These stand-alone sessions give you the flexibility of choosing the topics of interest to you or most relevant to your workplace. Each session is delivered in a small group setting, by a professional facilitator with expertise in cultural competency.

You will receive a Cross-Cultural Competency Certificate of Training after completing four sessions.

Sessions are free, but space is limited. You must register in advance.

**Important Notice**

Due to the increasing impact of COVID-19, we have suspended all in-person training programs and meetings for the next few weeks. The HIO team is teleworking and continues to provide services to employers, stakeholders and our partners through online platforms.

The health and safety of our event participants, staff and partners is very important to us.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a community event to our calendar, please contact us

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