We would like to extend our congratulations to a group of dedicated volunteers on the Our Energy Guelph task force, who have been updating Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative and preparing recommendations for the city. On May 28th, City Council unanimously approved the task force’s update – including a target for Guelph to become a net zero carbon community by 2050. City Council also acknowledged in principle Our Energy Guelph’s role as the implementer of the community energy initiative.1

“We’re really thankful for all the time and effort the task force has put into crafting this updated plan. Their commitment to Guelph’s prosperity shows in the quality of their research and recommendations,” said Alex Chapman, Manager of the Climate Change Office at the City of Guelph.1

The update found that Guelph’s per capita Greenhouse gas emissions have declined an impressive 35% since 2006, with per capita energy use going down by 2% in that time period. The task force has recommended the implementation of 20 prioritized actions in order to meet the city’s new net zero carbon target. These actions include the development of an energy efficiency retrofit program for homes built before 1980, as well as an energy efficiency retrofit program for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings.2  These actions will continue to foster and support entrepreneurs finding innovative ways to reduce their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Congrats to the city for continuing to be a leader when it comes to environmental issues. To learn more you can visit Our Energy Guelph’s website, or view the City of Guelph’s news release.


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