Grey Rock Clothing Company: Shopping Ethically Made Easy

Oct 5, 2015 | Client Stories

Grey rock Clothing Co. is a company dedicated to providing sweatshop free and organic clothing. They opened up in downtown Guelph in August of 2012 and are currently working on their online store for 2015.

        In a society where the exploitation of garment workers is overwhelming, they set themselves apart. In her sweet little downtown store, Beth Timlin is proving that some choices are simple: to buy ethical clothing. This means that every garment in her store has a fair and ethical supply chain, including the treatment of workers and the sourcing of fabrics along the way.  She believes that the power lies in the customer, and that the responsibility lies with her, the supplier, to ensure they contribute positively to the clothing industry.

        Grey Rock Clothing Co. strikes a chord with the 5 pillars of being a B-Corp: they are good for workers; good for the community; good for the environment; good for the long term; and they are good to the core.

        Beth Timlin makes sure that the values she employs to source clothing extend to the treatment of her own workers, and even the small things like sourcing daily supplies for the story. “It requires more than you think,” says Beth. It was an eye opening experience to see how she could make her business even more sustainable. Small things you can do can add up to big changes long term.

        Beth and her team want to create a shopping experience that is easy and worry-free for their ethically-minded customers. Everything she sells has been vetted, and is based on values of fair treatment and equalty. “It’s important to have a recognizable way to prove that you’re ethical, so that ethically minded people can just come in and shop,” says Beth, “This is what’s really important to me.”

        “I’m very excited to be part of the B-Corp family,” says Beth, “and very excited to tell people what B-Corp is.” Make sure to follow Grey Rock Clothing Co. and contact them to learn more about ethical clothing. Everything you buy could come from an ethical source. Let’s put that on people’s radar.


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