Work with tomorrow’s leaders and learn from their unique and innovative ideas and approaches. You just might find the next rockstar to hire for your business. It has happened before.

Every organization faces unique challenges. Upon receipt of your application, The Centre for Business and Student Entrepreneurship (CBaSE) at the University of Guelph will work with you to clearly define the project scope and the project deliverables. Once a project plan has been developed,  you will be matched with a student team who deliver a comprehensive report detailing the project’s objectives, findings, and suggested courses of action.

Student consultant support categories - Strategic Planning, Market Research, Social Media Strategy,  Business Planning, Competitive Analysis, Communication Strategy

CBaSE strives to align expectations of the students with those of the community partner to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Students earn academic credit for their work and dedicate 7-10 hours per week over the course of a 12-week project.

To learn more about this unique opportunity and to apply, please visit CBaSE’s website.