Congratulations to all of our amazing start-up nominees for the 2016 Innovation Guelph Award!

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Start-Up Nominees for 2016 



Envision SQ

Every year, the world’s cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles emit millions of tonnes of harmful pollutants. Traffic-related air pollution has been linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Envision SQ’s “SmogStop Noise Barrier” tackles this multibillion-dollar health problem. Our innovative barrier takes a two-pronged approach to reducing air pollution from major roads, highways and railways. Our aerodynamic design directs traffic pollution away from neighbouring communities and mixes it with clean air, so residents can breathe easier. But that’s not all. A special coating on the barrier actually breaks down smog-producing pollutants into harmless byproducts, further slashing ground-level pollution and urban smog. And yes, it also blocks traffic noise. 

From their Mentor:

“Envision SQ is in discussions with several cities world-wide to install SmogStop noise barriers. Keep your eye on this company. It is about to take off!.” – Mark Goldberg





The Making Box

Improvising effectively in the world of business marks the difference between time wasted and time well spent. This is why The Making-Box helps individuals and organizations become more productive, engaged and happy by harnessing the tools of improv theatre and applying them to the workplace. The Making-Box has helped engineers, lawyers, personal trainers, psychology academics, marketing firms, and even the head office of Canada’s largest bank. The Making-Box is proud to announce they will be transforming Guelph by building the city’s first longterm comedy theatre and improv training centre in heart of downtown. Comedy builds community. 

From their Mentor: 

“Celebrating their one millionth laugh has just been the first of many milestones the Making Box is achieving in 2016.  Recently launching their Kickstarter fund to build the first improv theatre in Guelph, they are already half way to the goal in one short week.  Their enthusiasm has gotten them this far and their dedication to improving the world one laugh at a time will ensure the future is even brighter.” – Don Thompson



Revel Cider

Revel Cider Co.

Revel Cider Company sells innovative hard ciders to bars and restaurants across Ontario. We do this in kegs and bottles.
We’ve recently won quite a few awards, provincially and internationally for our relentless work in pushing the boundaries of the hard cider industry.
We sell to over 60 Ontario restaurants from Ottawa to London, and Thunder Bay to St. Catherine’s.
We only use Ontario ingredients, and press apples into cider once a year. We also borrow many techniques from the beer industry including: using new hop varietals, and Brettanomyces (aggressive ‘barnyard’ yeasts feared by wineries).

From their Mentor: 

“Tariq’s business savvy, intuitive nature and focus makes him a coachable entrepreneur. Revel Cider continues to demonstrate high potential and growth making Tariq Ahmed very deserving of this year’s Innovation Guelph Award for Start-ups.” Jane Dummer