Happy employees = more profit.

Did you know that companies with highly engaged employees have been shown to produce twice the customer loyalty and higher revenues compared to companies with average employee engagement?

Happenate helps companies cultivate engaged employees through technology. They connect people so they can do more offline. They believe that culture by decree falls flat, but culture from the bottom up is unstoppable. They help companies, and employees, to develop that culture.

The employee-centric nature of Happenate is part of what made them such a perfect fit for B Corp certification. Certified B Corps create higher quality jobs for their employees, and contribute to sustainable communities and environments to improve overall quality of life.

Since attending B Corp Bootcamp last fall, Kris Braun, founder and CEO of Happenate, took on B-Corp mentorship to work towards official certification, and this fall we are thrilled to announce that they have been certified!

B Corp certification serves as an identifier for companies that go above and beyond traditional business standards, and have a triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial (or people, planet and profit).

Kris and his team put in hard work over several months, preparing for the assessment and applying for certification. “Putting all of our values and codes into writing has really helped us define our corporate identity”.

B Corp certification is creating a community grounded in the values of business for social good. Happenate is one of the companies cultivating this community and leading the way in our region. Welcome to the B Corp family, Happenate!

Check out their website here.

To learn more about B Corps, please visit bcorpbootcamp.ca.