How To Grow Your Food Co.

Mar 23, 2018 | Events

“How to Grow Your Food Co.” on April 10th. Click here to Register.

Are you ready to turn your passion for food into a business?

Or is this the year to take your current food company to the next level?

There is no doubt that starting and growing a food company takes passion and knowledge. There are a lot of steps a food entrepreneur has to take before they get to see customers enjoying their product. From developing your product, making sure it meets food safety standards, labeling, packaging and working with retailers, there is a lot to know.

That is why we’re excited to present “How to Grow Your Food Co.”!

We brought together knowledgeable speakers from different organizations to help you go from your kitchen to commercialization. This information-packed workshop also includes a Q & A panel featuring successful local food entrepreneurs, lunch, a cocktail reception and plenty of opportunities to network with the experts.

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Is there a Market for Your Product? – Don Thompson, Innovation Guelph Mentor & Business Start-Up Consultant

Product Development from Your Kitchen to Commercialization – Ted McKechnie, Food IAC Expert (Incubator  Accelerator & Commercializer)

Food Safety from Your Kitchen to Commercialization – Al Grant, National Sanitation Foundation, Sr Mgr of Food Safety Consulting Services

Food Labeling – Wenrong Sun, Sr Compliance Officer, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Co-packing – Jason Crawford, Director, Membership & Industry Relations, Food & Beverage Ontario

Working with a Retailer – Carolyn Trudel – Director, PR & Marketing Development, Farm Boy

Sourcing Local – Christina Mann, Taste Real Coordinator

This event is Sponsored by Taste Real