Humans of IG – Hari Stirbet

Apr 1, 2022 | IG Blog Posts

Hari Stirbet - Humans of IG

What/where do you consider your hometown? 

I lived in many places: Bucharest, Calgary, Marathon (Ontario), Kitchener, San Francisco , Waterloo, and now, Drayton.  Our small hobby farm in this picturesque village allows us to do things that we could never do in town, and we love it! 😊 

 Do you have a talent, hobby or skill people wouldn’t expect? If so, do tell! 

As I said, rural life allows you to do some unusual things: I am a beekeeper, I owned a dairy cow and learned how to make the best Mozzarella, feta, or

 Halloumi cheeses you ever had. (Still learning how to keep the weeds away from my garden!) It seems that each year, a new “oddity” is added to the list! 

 What brings you joy? When are you happiest? 

Vacationing (nothing fancy) is when I leave everything behind, and I am most relaxed. Twoweeks of travelling and visiting new places, eating in new restaurants (obviously, pre-COVID), and strolling through museums are some of my favourite things to do with my family.  

Is there one experience in your life that really changed you or shaped who you are and made you think differently? 

In my last year of my first master’s program (Computer Science, Artificial intelligence) a friend’s sister said: “Hari, you should go to Canada. The best go west.” And that was it!  

If there was a theme song to your life, what would it be?

This one is a tough one!  I love organ music. It captures all my moods and emotions. Have you ever listened to BWV 1128?  

 Who in your life has had the biggest impact? 

Besides my parents and spouse(of course), my maternal grandfather and uncle, and a very open minded high-school teacher, have all played an important role in my formation as a human being: how I think, how I see myself and how I interact with people. It is funny to look back and see that probably the most influential times in our lives are those we wanted to escape the fastest when we lived them. (teenage years) 

 If you had a day off to spend any way you wish, what would you do and why? 

A book, outside (under a tree), on a warm summer day and close to the water. Add to that a nice fire in the evening and some stars with my telescope and you got a perfect day. Do I really need to explain why?!?   

When do you feel the most content? (Please describe) 

I hate “boring”. When my day is busy and I don’t have time to get bored, I am happy.