Priya Chellasamy, co-founder of Idyaflow

IdyaFlow is a Canadian SaaS-based software solution to creating an online marketplace platform for services, products or space like Airbnb or Taskrabbit. Their goal is to make it easier for anyone, anywhere, with an idea, to have a marketplace within a one-week timeframe, at a fraction of the cost of other ecommerce platforms, according to co-founder Priya Chellasamy. The platform is created for companies who are looking to scale and build their businesses by creating new profit centres and nurturing connections with customers and providers. It can be adapted to selling, renting or exchanging virtually any product or service. IdyaFlow is a client of Innovation Guelph’s Rhyze Up! Program.

A key differentiator for this company is that their SaaS solutions enables a fully functional niche marketplace with no client coding required to customize it. IdyaFlow is committed to providing a platform that is affordable, secure and mobile-friendly, removing the barriers of expense and complexity. The platform is a complete package allowing clients to build their peer-to-peer marketplace and easily create different themes with an online editor.

IdyaFlow has international clients in Australia, Canada, Italy, UK and the US, which are countries that are supported by Stripe online payment infrastructure that is used by the platform. IdyaFlow is committed to understanding their clients’ business needs and processes and quickly responding with the client-ready platform. Additionally, Idyaflow offers their clients paid training, configuration and launch support to ensure they are poised for success!  A current focus for IdyaFlow is expanding into the construction market with customers that are mid-size heavy equipment rental businesses.

Chellasamy said their vision is to provide the best marketplace software that facilitates the surging trends of online goods and services exchange where the platform is owned by the business not a third party. She added that a marketplace powered by IdyaFlow will help grow business by:

  • the ability to rapidly expand product offerings by easily onboarding new partners and providers
  • improving efficiency and lowering costs through connecting customers, providers, wholesalers and suppliers on the same platform, and
  • enhancing the customer experience providing more choice and collecting high-quality, actionable data to inform decisions around service improvement.

Perhaps Idyaflow is just the solution you’ve been seeking! If you are interested in learning about the IdyaFlow marketplace platform contact them for more information.