Our commitment to supporting the success of entrepreneurs and businesses is why we do what we do! Our clients’ success is our motivation! To support our clients through COVID-19 and beyond, we have created the IG CommunitySquare.  

This web resource, exclusive to our clients, is an opportunity to showcase their products or services within a community of innovative entrepreneurs. Please visit IG CommunitySquare to find unique products and services, and access current, exciting, innovative companies offering leading-edge offerings and most importantly, help build community and collaboration.    

The categories and search tags make it easy to navigate. Are you looking for a business to paint your home? How about an amazing gift or gourmet food? Have you made a commitment to support small or local business? Are you a student wanting to do a project or report about innovative companies? Perhaps you are looking for a source to enable market research? This directory might be just the gateway to solving your challenges. We invite you to explore. 

 Please contact info@innovationguelph.ca if you have any questions.   

Visit Ig Community Square