Innovation Guelph & Bioenterprise are thrilled to announce that Linamar Corporation is now the headlining sponsor of our Innovation Expo on November 15th, this year!

Founded in 1966, Linamar is now the second largest automobile parts manufacturer in Canada, with over 60 factories worldwide. A core belief in social responsibility fuels Linamar’s commitment to improving the communities and the environment in which we all live.

Interestingly, their achievements go far beyond automobile manufacturing, as they have recently been investing in other areas, most notably in commercialized innovation, agriculture and women in STEM. And that’s where we have found synergy!

In 2017, Linamar Corporation and CEO Linda Hasenfratz funded a $5 million-dollar scholarship for women pursuing degrees in both engineering and business at Western University. The scholarships support up to 10 female students in the Western Engineering and Ivey Business School dual degree program each year, providing half the cost of tuition, as well as a guaranteed co-op placement and full-time job offer for graduating scholarship-holders.

2018 has been a busy year for Linamar as well, as both the federal and provincial government in Ontario presented them with collective grants of up to $100 million to help them develop their advanced manufacturing technologies. These investments are expected to create over 1,500 jobs in Canada while helping to maintain more than 8,000 other positions.

Also in 2018, while supporting the advanced manufacturing sector, Linamar received funding to create an Innovation Centre focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, collaborative robotics and lightweight components.

Linamar’s interest in supporting innovation across diverse sectors was further demonstrated this past February, when they expanded their existing agricultural business with the purchase of Winnipeg-based harvesting equipment manufacturer, MacDon Industries.

The acquisition was part of their Vision 2100 – Building an Action Plan for the Future, which includes agriculture as a key global market.

We applaud Linamar’s dedication to innovation, empowering women in STEM and strengthening Canada’s agri-tech industry and appreciate their sponsorship of the inaugural Innovation Expo which aligns with these objectives!

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