Rhyze™ Up! Accelerator our new program funded by NRC_IRAP, is specifically designed to support women in business.

Research demonstrates that female-led SMEs grow at a slower pace, have limited access to capital and are less likely to export. In response, the Rhyze™ Up! Accelerator program’s holistic approach includes business support, mentoring and personal development to ensure long-term impact. Building upon the learnings of our successful Fast Lane program that has been delivered to over 300 companies over the last five years, this national program is tailored to accelerate growth and profitability for the women-owned companies who participate.

The program consists of two phases and includes six three-hour, one-on-one, leadership coaching sessions over a three-month period, along with one virtual (remote) education event.

  1. During Discovery, members of our team will provide up to 20 hours of consultation with CEOs and executive teams to better understand and identify scale-up opportunities. This phase results in a series of actionable recommendations.
  2. During Traction, clients work with one or more industry specialists on specific project(s) that will accelerate the company through their most critical challenges. Clients receive a subsidy of 75 per cent of the Traction project(s) costs up to $4500. Traction’s objective is to help clients achieve long-term sustainability, and to drive home the value of strategic, creative problem-solving approaches.

“Female entrepreneurs have emphasized the importance of relationships and trust in building their businesses and in gaining the confidence they need to perform well,” said Linda Horowitz, SME program manager. “We are glad to have obtained the funding that enables us to deliver a strong program that supports female entrepreneurs across the country.”

The Rhyze Up!™ National Accelerator nurtures, develops and accelerates the growth of female-owned and female-led companies. It strengthens their ability to contribute to Canada’s global economic competitiveness.

Contact us to learn more information about this program or review the program page.