Innovation Guelph’s 10th Anniversary – A Message From Barbara Maly

Sep 28, 2021 | IG Blog Posts

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To mark Innovation Guelph’s 10th anniversary, we’re sharing stories about its past, present, and future. As part of this series, meet Barbara Maly, Executive Director of Downtown London. Maly’s previously served as a Manager of Economic Development at the City of Guelph.  We invited Maly to share her thoughts on Innovation Guelph reaching this milestone.  

    Q. What is your relationship with Innovation Guelph?

    A. In my former role as Manager of Economic Development with the City of Guelph, we enjoyed a great partnership with Innovation Guelph.  IG was a significant asset in the community and an essential component in the region’s business and innovation support ecosystem.  Economic Development Services and IG worked on many of Guelph-Wellington community initiatives, including entrepreneurship programs, SME scale-up initiatives, economic development strategic planning, investment meetings and helping to secure a $10 million federal government grant for the Guelph-Wellington region to become a regional circular food economy.  There are many examples of how IG impacted Guelph’s local economy. It helped scale homegrown businesses coming out of the University of Guelph, such as Mirexus Biotechnology and worked with our staff to land some notable business investments like GoodLeaf Farms, one of Canada’s first commercial vertical farms.

    Q. How did you come to know about IG?

    A. I recall when Innovation Guelph was just a concept more than 10 years ago.  Like many community organizations, we contributed our thoughts and ideas to help shape what this organization could become. It is truly remarkable and commendable to see the significant impact that Innovation Guelph has had on the community and economy since that time. 

    Congratulations on 10 years.  I am very proud to have worked alongside this organization during my time in Guelph! A big round of applause to Anne and her team for many past successes. Cheers to the many achievements yet to come!