Innovation Guelph’s 10th Anniversary – A Message from Frank Valeriote

Jul 6, 2021 | Innovation Guelph Blogs & Stories

I am currently a board member of Innovation Guelph.  My history with Innovation Guelph runs back to the time I was Member of Parliament for Guelph between 2008 and 2015 when I made efforts in Guelph to introduce the idea of a business incubator to bring minds, money and methods together to assist in the creation of new business in Guelph.  There was a serious shortage of venture capital at the time as well as a gap between those innovators in Guelph capable of innovating but had the lack of business skills and money to commercialize their innovation.  From initial meetings with Venture Capital, the Mayor, the Member of Provincial Parliament, the President and Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and other interested parties was birthed the organization known as Innovation Guelph. 

Following my retirement as Member of Parliament in 2015 I expressed to the Board of Innovation Guelph my continued interest in helping where I could and using what skills I might have whereupon I was invited to become a Board Member. 

The 10th Anniversary of Innovation Guelph is an opportunity to reflect upon the meager beginnings but incredible accomplishments that have been achieved by the many innovators in Guelph who have been aided by the mentor provided to them through Innovation Guelph.  It is a huge success story. 

Congratulations Innovation Guelph, you have contributed significantly to the commercialization of wonderful innovations conceived in Guelph and to the entire Guelph community. 

Innovation Guelph must be nimble and prepared to adjust to changing economies and innovations as well as new skill sets that will be demanded as we move into the future. 

To all entrepreneurs, please do not hesitate to seek the advice of mentors at Innovation Guelph whose assistance with be transformative to your efforts