On behalf of our mentors and client services team, we are thrilled to announce the first cohort of Innovation Guelph’s Fuel Injection Seed Funding Program! Fuel Injection is our first program that provides seed funds for both start-ups and SMEs.

Eighteen companies were chosen to receive the funds from IG and participate in the program (see list of companies below). Each recipient illustrated exciting opportunities for facilitating growth and opportunity within the region, and beyond.

In this first cohort, the projects range from: creating innovative new ways to renew energy or collect and control unnecessary pollutants; improving education in our schoolboards; refining hydro-waterpower energy techniques; empowering leaders and strengthening community access to improved communication systems; bettering the collection and distribution of Ontario-grown SuperFoods and health products; expansion of products and services into the Global market; creating of new jobs & products, and additional streams of revenue; improving facilities to maximize efficiencies and savings; generating sustainable wastewater operations; proving efficacy in anti-aging materials; easing the strain for not-for-profit organizations; expansion of (or replacement of) current facilities; and reconfiguring of existing technologies … whew … just to name a few!

We invite you to take a peek at the list of the recipients below and visit their websites to find out more about IG’s first group of Fuel Injection companies and how they can (and will continue to) improve the world around us.

Click here to see the First Round Recipient List

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