Non-dilutive growth capital

Growth capital is only available to small companies if they pledge collateral and applying for it can be tremendously time consuming. That is the resounding message from our 70+ interviews with Canadian entrepreneurs.

We are partnering with high quality SMEs to pilot a new financing product that better supports Canadian entrepreneurs: flexible non-dilutive growth capital.

  • Receive growth capital today in exchange for future revenue
  • Priced between 7-10%
  • Payments adjust up or down based on monthly sales and are debited automatically
  • No debt, personal guarantees or collateral
  • No equity dilution

Special offer for Innovation Guelph clients 

  • Qualifying IG clients will receive a discount of ~2% off regular rates
  • Qualified companies referred through IG will get a ~2% lower rate than we would have otherwise provided.
  • It is a flat rate, no compounding.  For example, if we provide $50k of capital, we will debit [x]% of revenue until $55k is repaid, however long that takes (8/12/18/24 months).