The sound of waves lapping against the dock …

The fresh breeze tickling your bare toes…

The crisp, cold beverage quenching your afternoon thirst …

The sense of accomplishment as you complete your finance course….

Are you looking forward to some well-deserved R&R this summer, but worried about the impact on your business? Why not sneak in a little professional development while you enjoy the rhythm of Canada’s favourite outdoor season?

Being an entrepreneur and running a business is one of the most challenging educational journeys you will ever embark on. There is so much you need to learn and typically, no time to attend classes.

That’s why Innovation Guelph has launched an online learning centre. Take the courses you need, when you need them, from wherever you happen to be – even if that’s the dock at your cottage this summer!

Courses range from Finance to Conquering Anxiety and include the following certificate programs specifically tailored the needs of small business owners:

  • Small Business Management Certificate
  • Small Business Marketing and Sales Certificate
  • Small Business Health and Safety Certificate
  • Small Business HR Certificate

In addition to certificate programs, there are individual courses on customer service, sales, social media marketing, communications, risk management, and more! Simply sign up and start learning!