This is a guest blog post written by  Sally Armstrong, Information Specialist, MaRS Market Intelligence

Market research is vital for every entrepreneur. It can help you figure out your market size, get an idea of industry trends, provide insight on competitors, help you to better understand potential customers, and so much more.

Your market research journey

Google is a natural place to start your market research journey. You should be combing through publicly available statistics, reading whitepapers produced by industry thought leaders, checking out competitor websites, and leveraging the treasure trove of resources in the MaRS Startup Library. However, once you’ve exhausted all these resources, you might hit a point where you still have unanswered market research questions. This is where MaRS Market Intelligence (MI) can help you continue on your market research journey.

How can MaRS MI help?

MaRS MI supports early-stage Ontario companies by providing them with secondary market research reports from propriety databases at no cost. Clients of Innovation Guelph can easily submit market research questions 24/7 through our online form and we’ll have the completed research to you within 10 business days. To be eligible to receive this free service, ventures must meet the following criteria:

  • Have less than $1 million in revenues for the past fiscal year
  • Have less than $5 million raised in private investments in total
  • Must be a client of Innovation Guelph

MaRS MI accesses thousands of market research reports covering key technology clusters to deliver information to help answer your questions.



The impact for entrepreneurs like you

Since 2010, MaRS MI has supported over 3,800 early-stage Ontario companies with their market research needs. Below are testimonials we received from companies after they accessed MaRS MI.

“This is incredible! Thanks so much for accepting our request and assembling this information. It will be extremely helpful to us as we further develop our product, our go-to-market strategy and our overall plan.”

“I would really like to thank you for all of the information you provided.  I’m truly grateful as this is critical for both my continued understanding of the markets and validation of my current research.”

 “I have been going through the reports and the information and it is really helping me focus my offerings to address the needs of the market. Thank you so much for offering your services for free to startups.”


How you can access this free service

If you’re interested in accessing this free service from MaRS MI, please speak to your contact at Innovation Guelph. They will provide you with the link to our online form and then it’s up to you to formulate your research questions. We also encourage you to check out our databases to search for specific reports to request in the form.

Keep in mind, there is information we won’t be able to provide – pricing lists, target lists, business counts, private company information, in-depth consumer demographics, niche advertising spending, and patent searches. However, don’t let this prevent you from submitting a request. We personally review each submission and will reach out to you if we need clarification, or to let you know if we’re unable to answer one of your questions.

The MaRS MI mission is to empower entrepreneurs and innovators by providing knowledge, insights and strategy that foster economic growth, social impact, and success in our society. We look forward to receiving requests from clients at Innovation Guelph so we can help you grow and create successful businesses.