Each year, Innovation Guelph nominates a select group of high potential companies for the Innovation Guelph Award, a category at the annual Guelph Awards of Excellence hosted by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

This year’s nominees achieved significant milestones in the previous year, and were selected based on their coachability, use of multiple IG services, and capacity for growth. An internal vetting process and social media voting process decides the winner, which will be announced at the awards ceremony on June 25, 2015.

You can vote for the company you want to receive this year’s IG Award by visiting our Facebook page every day until June 5.

Read on to learn more about this year’s IG Award finalists and why they were selected.

Green Table Foods

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Green Table Foods logoGreen Table Foods is a family-owned business in Guelph, Ontario. Their philosophy is simple: “Food is Life.” Since 2005, they’ve been making nutritious, prepared foods with certified organic, farm-direct ingredients. They’re inspired by the great cooking traditions of the world. and everything is hand-made from scratch with love.

Green Table Foods have worked with the Innovation Guelph mentor team to optimize their production facilities and product offering.  Building their brand, they’re developing not only local markets, but global demand for their unique food products.

Lockit Solutions, Inc.

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Lockit solutions logoImagine never having to remember passwords, account numbers, or credit card info ever again, and having complete confidence that your private info will stay private.

This is the vision behind the Lockit Password Manager & Digital Safe, your personal “safety deposit box” in the cloud. Lockit can save you up to 40 hours each year by securely remembering your confidential information so you don’t have to. Lockit can be used to store passwords, credit cards, product keys, private files, photos, and more, and because it syncs across all your devices and is completely customizable, you can store everything that matters to you, and seamlessly access it everywhere you go.

Through guidance and coaching, Lockit has gone from an idea to a fully launched technology, and their team has proven to be committed, adaptive, and engaged, maximizing all of the coaching and educational opportunities available to them through Innovation Guelph.

Lockit can be downloaded from the App Store, and is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and now the Apple Watch. Lockit takes only 15 seconds to set up and is free to try. Download Lockit and start taking control of your information today.

Mirexus Inc.

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Mirexus Inc. logoNanomaterials offer enormous potential for a wide variety of applications. However, two major factors have restricted the adoption of conventional (synthetic or engineered) nanotechnology:

  • the cost and complexity of making synthetic monodisperse nanomaterials (monodisperse means all the particles are the same size and shape); and
  • the hazardous nature of many synthetic nanoparticles.

Mirexus Inc. has solved these problems by developing a new monodisperse nanomaterial that is extracted from corn, is cost-effective and completely safe (edible). This is the world’s only safe and natural monodisperse nanomaterial, with applications in cosmetics, nutrition, advanced foods, and pharmaceuticals.

Within the past two years, Mirexus, originally a research initiative out of the University of Guelph, has started more than 40 projects with prospective customers, delivered its first product sales, and developed several strategic partnerships leading the raising of significant investment capital. They have built a strong board, a Guelph-based research team, and strong business management to tap into the global demand for their technologies.

Redtree Robotics

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Redtree Robotics logoRedtree Robotics build chipsets for robots. Their chipset let’s you easily connect sensors, actuators, components and other parts to the robot without all the hassle of complicated circuits, specialized hardware or device drivers.

The Redtree chipset is designed for communication between more than one robot. Groups of robots powered by their chipset are always connected and can easily share data, so that an expert in wireless communications is no longer required. The Redtree chipset has been designed so that data from sensors is easily available for algorithms and programs running on the robot. The same data is easily made available to other robots in a group, robot operators monitoring from a laptop or anyone around the world through the Cloud.

The Redtree Hydra, a computer for robots based around the Redtree chipset for robots will be available via a crowdfunding campaign in mid-summer. The Redtree Hydra makes enterprise-level robotics accessible to anyone with an affordable price-point and easy-to-use API that makes programming a robot as simple as programming a mobile phone.

Redtree Robotics is a client of Innovation Guelph through the Hub program at CBaSE at the University of Guelph. They received more than $150,000 in capital setup at Startup Festival 2014, worked intensively with Montréal accelerator FounderFuel, and won Guelph’s Startup Royale pitch competition in September 2014.

Revel Cider Company

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Revel Cider Company logoRevel Cider Company makes craft cider with 100% Ontario grown apples, hops, and indigenous yeast strains. Essentially a hybrid of a beer and a cider, Revel has created a unique flavour characteristic of the Ontario terroir their apples and hops are grown in. Their cider called ‘Hop X’ is dry hopped with a brand new Ontario hop varietal giving it flavours of orange, strawberry, and lychee. Their ‘Liquid Gold’ cider is fermented with a wild Ontario yeast and aged for 4 months, giving the dry cider notes of guava and citrus.

Revel Cider is a client of Innovation Guelph through the Hub program at CBaSE at the University of Guelph. In the past year Revel Cider has developed their product line, branding and marketing, and are now selling their unique brand of cider at various locations throughout the GTA and southern Ontario.