New leadership at Guelph Business Centre good news for local business
Guelph, March 26, 2018 – It’s with genuine excitement that Anne Toner Fung, Innovation Guelph’s executive director, and Kristel Manes, long-time Innovation Guelph director and director of the Rhyze Program, are making transition plans as Manes takes on a new role as executive director of the Business Centre Guelph Wellington in early April.
“There’s tremendous opportunity to amplify what the Business Centre does well and to improve the alignment and collaboration with Innovation Guelph,” says Manes. “Both offer complementary programs to help local businesses at different stages of their development and we often refer businesses to one another.”
Toner Fung agrees and underscores the benefits for local business. “We direct clients to the most appropriate resource depending on their goals, the issues they’re facing or the expertise they need at that stage,” she says. “It’s a very nimble arrangement that builds capacity for the business community. We’re both very excited to leverage that even further.” 
Both women boast extensive and impressive business development track records, including as business owners and business advisors. For Manes, a former program lead, advisor and facilitator at the Business Centre Guelph-Wellington, the new leadership role takes her full circle after six years at Innovation Guelph.  
 “My role and organization changes, but my service to Guelph’s business community -including my commitment to the Rhyze program – doesn’t change. I’m looking forward to new initiatives at the Business Centre, like the partnership with Immigrant Services for the Newcomers Program, and ongoing collaborations with Innovation Guelph.”
As Guelph grows and Guelph-based businesses assume a more important place along the Innovation Corridor, both leaders believe it’s a great opportunity and an optimal time to align business support services to help clients reach their objectives – on a local or global stage.
About Innovation Guelph
Innovation Guelph provides mentorship and business support programs and services to help innovative enterprises start, grow and thrive. Through our suite of business acceleration programs, we help high-potential start-ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises from across southern Ontario bring new ideas to market, solve business challenges, maximize opportunities and scale up to a national or global level. Innovation Guelph’s business acceleration programs include:  Gear Up, Supercharger, the Rhyze Project, Fuel Injection and Fast Lane, supporting both start-ups and small-medium sized business.
About Business Centre Guelph-Wellington
For 20 years, the Business Centre Guelph-Wellington has worked with more than 5,200 small business owners, students, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs to provide the information and training needed to launch and grow their local businesses. We provide workshops, grants, mentorship, consultation and business support. Our signature programs include: Summer Company to help 15 – 29 year olds develop entrepreneurial skills by creating their own summer jobs; Starter Company Plus to support people who are starting, expanding or buying a small business; and soon, Newcomers Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Immigrant Services, to help refugees and vulnerable newcomers become self-employed.
Both organizations are access points  to the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) and support a network of  entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, investors and community partners to drive economic growth.
For more information, please contact:
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Innovation Guelph
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Kristel Manes, Incoming Executive Director 
Business Centre Guelph-Wellington
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