Hellamaid: Aspiring to be the Starbucks of Cleaning Services

Left to right: Abdulrahman El-Sayed, Ahmed Mezil The Entrepreneurs Ahmed Mezil, CEO of Hellamaid cleaning services, started his company in 2017 and later joined forces with partner Abdulrahman El-Sayed, COO. Ahmed provides the marketing and branding, while Abdulrahman takes care of the operations and customer [...]

Rhyze Ventures Program Results in Sweet Collaboration

Sarah Allinson-Chorabik of Ontario Honey Creations This post tells the story of the collaboration of two Rhyze Ventures participant entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to combine their products to create a tasty new treat! Mead Caramels. The Entrepreneurs & Their Collaboration Sarah Allinson-Chorabik of Ontario [...]

Rhyze Ventures Delivers Concrete Plans with Clear Steps

AcuMade Corp, founded in November 2018 by three women, is developing a prototype of their device and technology with a safer option for pain management and recovery. They have partnered with Centennial College to commercialize their product. Participating in Innovation Guelph’s Rhyze Ventures program has helped the [...]

Rhyze Up! Feature: Building Better Business and Leadership Strategies

Rhyze Up! participant Mary Lobson, CEO of REES Community said the program was particularly well-timed for her newly launched company. REES Community is a simple, secure online platform for reporting sexual violence. It can be adapted for use across sectors and industries beyond post-secondary campuses; anywhere people [...]

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Friendly Fables: Provoking Joy through Story and Song

The Entrepreneur Creator, children’s entertainer, performer and Friendly Fables founder and talented Rap Dad Alexis Alexander (Lexy) is on a mission to bring joy to children around the globe. The Inspiration Especially during the last year, Lexy said children have faced challenges due to the pandemic and being away from their friends. “They need fun, laughter, joy [...]

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Innovia GEO Corp: Making Geothermal More Accessible

The Entrepreneur Andrew Lee is President of Innovia Geo Corp., a company that strives to expand the use of renewable geothermal heating and cooling for a more sustainable future. Andrew had been working with solar, wind and hydro around the world prior to founding the company with [...]

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Intellectual Property: Competitive Edge and Investment Attractor

What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual Property (IP) is the product of ingenuity and hard work according to Innovation Guelph (IG) industry specialist Tom Nagy, who explained that it often takes years in the making. More specifically, IP is “a creation of the mind and includes inventions, symbols, [...]

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Linda Hasenfratz Provides Constructive Advice & Connections to Power Panel Presenters

Power panels are the result of a collaboration between Haltech Regional Innovation Center, Innovation Guelph and WEtech Alliance who invite RIC-associated women-owned companies in Southwestern Ontario to ask for help addressing the pain points they are experiencing in their businesses. The Power Panels invites successful, executive women [...]

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Exporting Hay Feeder to US Market

The Entrepreneur Rhyze Venture participant Sue Wilson of Hay OptiMizer has successfully achieved her project goal of bringing her Hay OptiMizer product to the American market and attributes that milestone to introductions made by Innovation Guelph. Exporting to the US Sue Wilson is successfully exporting her company’s [...]

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Community Collaboration Projects

Community Collaboration Projects connect regional innovation centres and community organizations in a series of engaging conversations on common issues facing small businesses to build workable solutions. The Digital Main Street Community Collaboration Project is made possible through financial support of the Federal Economic Development Agency for [...]

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