Progoti: Prioritizing People over Profit

May 25, 2021 | Client Stories

Retail Renewal

Nurjahan Begum is the Founder and CEO of Progoti – a social enterprise clothing brand that prioritizes people over profit. The standard garment industry pricing strategy is to keep costs low and maximize profit margins as much as possible. In contrast, Progoti prices their products based on the actual cost to produce the item.

Progoti works with suppliers that have a genuine concern about their workers’ well-being. Even still, the garment industry does not guarantee support for seamstresses after employment. To close this gap, Progoti customers have the choice of making an additional contribution that will fund retirement policies for the seamstresses who create the clothing they purchase.

How Rhyze Ventures Helped

When Begum first enrolled in the program, she hoped to address low online sales. Industry specialists were there to provide her with support and guidance to help make this a reality. “Stephanie audited our site and gave us valuable feedback to improve,” Begum said

The Rhyze Ventures modules provided Begum with well-rounded support. Begum took great value from the project component in particular. “Through the project I learned how to see things outside the box and focus on important issues like targeting customers and having an ongoing branding document so that our values are aligned and consistent.”

Since joining Rhyze Ventures, Begum has expanded her network of professional women who are enthusiastic to provide support to women business owners like herself. “In future if I need help I will know where to go”.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Progoti – meaning progress in Bengali, is the foundation of Begum’s inspiration. For aspiring entrepreneurs, she has the following advice: “If you want to change the world no matter whatever small way you can. Do not hesitate to start and keep going because all our collective efforts will change the world for good.”