Why would you not want access to the dream team?

Carolyn Crewe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Duckish Natural Skin Care, a company that makes all-natural safe, fun, effective bath, body and baby care products.

As a Rhyze Up! program participant, Crewe said she has learned focus through working with Innovation Guelph (IG). “When presented with opportunities, they’ve taught me to focus on what we excel at and then consider the opportunity.”

She said that in running a business, sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. IG‘s objectivity and experience helped her look at the situations without all the baggage so she could get to the decision on her own.

One of the most significant challenges for Duckish was navigating the Amazon world. “Mentor Don Thompson has been a game-changer,” she said. Before working with IG, Duckish was fulfilling Amazon orders themselves. “With Don’s help we navigated to fulfil by Amazon, making the switch with complicated advertising, putting us on the path to success.”

When consumers shifted more toward online shopping in response to the pandemic, with Thompson’s help, Duckish optimized campaigns. “They asked us to be part of a Canada public relations promotion of Canadian small business and we came up with a solid game plan.”

Thompson also connected Crewe with other mentors and additional resources throughout the program as needs arose. “He was a good fit for us,” Crewe said. Another mentor, Peter Warmels, became a valued sounding board for Duckish as their lotion was picked up by Sobey’s Atlantic. Crew said the value of his guidance was immeasurable.  “Peter asks the right questions. His experience in the mass retailer sales channel is great and he suggests the questions we should ask. You don’t know what you don’t know, and Peter helped us navigate the process and avoid some of the mistakes,” Crewe said.

Crewe said the leadership component of the program was not as helpful as other aspects and she had hoped for more tools, tips and tricks to be a leader and was hoping for more personal growth.

Overall, Crewe said women entrepreneurs are crazy not to consider Rhyze Up! “Why would you not want access to the dream team.”

Crewe describes the program as a fantastic experience. She advises others to surround themselves with experts to help them be successful. “Reading and online learning is good,” she said. “But people who help you with action is what makes the difference to beat the odds.”

Crewe would also like to remind folks that many of her products make great stocking stuffers!