Moving forward armed with the power of knowledge

Focused on scientifically proven ways to repel ticks and keep people safe from Lyme disease, Nova Scotia based Atlantick has developed a natural solution backed by Dr. Nicoletta Faraone. Along with her partners Nancy Thompson and Abdul Ali, Lisa Learning, CEO and Founder, says Atlantick has formulated a natural repellant specifically for ticks which, when approved federally, will be the only one on the Canadian market adhering to stringent Canadian regulations.

In working with Innovation Guelph during the national Rhyze UP! program for women entrepreneurs, Learning says she has realized the importance of having people in your corner who know their stuff. Expertise makes a world of difference, she said. “Having the opportunity to tap that resource without going broke is huge.”

Learning valued the experience of the mentors she worked with and their advice. “A key success factor is understanding your numbers,” Learning said. IG mentor Michael Plauntz pulled together spreadsheets that have helped Atlantick do just that! Along with financial help related to profit margin and cashflow, the program also focused on Inventory Control and the Amazon platform. Having the support and expertise to navigate and better understand these aspects saved valuable time. “In fact, we learned we don’t need an inventory management system yet, but we do know what’s available for our needs and when the time is right, we are prepared,” she said.

As a result of the project, Learning says her company is moving forward with more knowledge – and knowledge is power.

IG mentors, provided through the RhyzeUp! program, were easy to approach and talk to according to Learning; and the project had an overall positive impact for Atlantick of setting them up to grow and move forward.

She said she would encourage other women entrepreneurs to apply for the program. “Focus on your weaknesses and present them to Innovation Guelph,” she said. “They’ll slowly turn in to strengths as you get the knowledge you’ll need to conquer them.”