Mentorship that is worth its weight in gold 

Robin Young founded Robin’s Nest in Ontario with her husband to provide a holistic approach to healthcare – having all disciplines working under one roof for the client. “My team puts clients in the driver’s seat. Guiding them to understand the why helps to maximize their health,” she said. As the chief visionary officer, Young said she wants Robin’s Nest to work with clients to help them  identify what they need to really enjoy life and then support them with a team of practitioners that provide all the information to reach their goals.  

Taking the step to join Innovation Guelph’s national Rhyze Up! Program for women entrepreneurs, helped Young learn new strategies and reaffirm the direction she was taking. When IG mentors came to her location, they reflected back to her the vision she is trying to achieve – and it was reaffirming. “It was empowering to know I was just a few tweaks away from optimizing my business,” Young said. She valued her mentors, Steve Barrett and Stacey Gunn. “I felt they really met me where I am and understood how much I was already doing,” she said.  

Steve helped Young with understanding Robin Nest’s sales capacity. While Robin’s Nest has a 92 per cent client retention rate, analysis revealed they required more focus on acquiring new clients. One way to accomplish this was to help Robin’s Nest practitioners adopt the vision of what this would look like and where their business growth could take them. Steve’s coaching through the Rhyze Up! Program highlighted the highlighted the importance and interpretation of metrics as a powerful element to monitor the effects of these strategies. In fact, Young calls Steve’s interaction with her MBA husband Corey, a game-changer. Her husband is now shifting to a more story-telling approach to patient communications highlighting how they’d like to transform the patient’s health story. This has been effective in helping make services more relatableStacey also helped Robin’s Nest to pivot messaging to present healthcare as a natural focus for the whole family.  

Of course, with the pandemic, Robin’s Nest has suspended manual treatments and Young is shifting to focus on client communications with outreach to moms and babies and working on a wellness compass and virtual treatment.  

From a leadership perspective., RhyzeUp! mentor Patricia Muir helped Young review her leadership styles and helped her see how she leads in a new light, incorporating 360-degree feedback. Through this, Young became aware of areas she could work on, learned to take care of herself, to see the business from different angle and helped her build strategies to focus on how her team can work more effectively together. One of the biggest changes within Robin’s Nest resulting from RhyzeUp! is that Young now empowers the team to engage in productive conversations. “In order to resolve any issues, we need to discuss them and work through them as they arise,” she said.  

If women entrepreneurs are deciding between Rhyze Up! and Rhyze Ventures, Young recommends doing Rhyze Up! first. Having mentors come and be objectively present in her space had a positive impact. “They gently pulled the business apart and then suggested how we can care and create moving forward,” Young said. “The encouragement is so powerful. I knew the moment they came in that they were working with me and for me.” 

Young said she is looking forward, with increased confidence, to putting more of what she learned into practice once Robin’s Nest is seeing patients again. She said it’s how you show up and help people help themselves that provide the building blocks to go forward.  

“The Rhyze Up! advice and incredible mentorship are worth their weight in gold,” Young said.