Having access to experts with the right set of skills has a big impact on how a company grows, said Doodle Lovely founder Melissa Lloyd. Participating in Innovation Guelph’s Rhyze Up! program provided Lloyd the support to bring her business vision to life.

Working with Innovation Guelph (IG) helped Lloyd problem-solve how she can creatively scale her company. Doodle Lovely provides innovative tools to help lower stress, boost attention, productivity, concentration and creativity through guided mindful doodling techniques. She appreciated connecting with people who think big and share her vision. “The experts are suited for your needs; Sandra Herriot was the best possible fit for my product and she understands the global context,” Lloyd said.

Scalability is the biggest challenge that the Rhyze Up! program helped her address. She said she now has a scalability model that will work for years to come. “The program also helped raise my confidence in sales delivery and customer development,” she said. “It’s opened up opportunities and has resulted in me running my business more efficiently.”

The leadership coaching component of the program was a wonderful mirror for Lloyd to identify and work on potential barriers or stumbling blocks she hadn’t yet addressed with her IG mentor Patricia Muir. “I was able to work on skills to provide leadership and mentorship to others as well.” She explained that by improving the way she listens, for instance, she can help others more fully.

Describing IG’s expertise as top-notch, Lloyd said it exceeded her expectations and she wishes every province had a similar model to IG. “Participating in the program is an experience that will leave a lasting impression,” she said. “It strengthened my confidence and helped me visualize where I can take my business. I thought that scaling would be farther in my future, but the program has helped me see it’s right here, right now.” Another area of expertise she valued was the support she received from Stacey  Curry Gunn who helped with media presence and exposure. During the program, Lloyd brought to life her guided Doodle Breaks product that helps keep businesses on track, productive and happy!

Lloyd advises other women entrepreneurs to apply for Rhyze Up! if they are looking to take their businesses to the next level. “IG has the skillset and people to provide you with the alignment for where you want to go,” she said. In addition, Lloyd said, the program is a great foundational piece, but IG doesn’t leave clients hanging. “I feel I can use their services for many years ahead.”

“As a business owner we often struggle through, but there are people at IG who are experts specifically selected for your needs who can help you with business processes,” Lloyd said.