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As part of Innovation Guelph’s commitment to support women entrepreneurs, the Rhyze Up! national accelerator addresses the unique aspects of women-founded or co-founded companies. The program builds upon our prior successful Rhyze women’s programming and has been tailored to help you identify an effective path to scaling up!

When we refer to “women entrepreneurs” this includes ALL women. Innovation Guelph recognizes the vast spectrum of gender diversity and as such programming is inclusive. Admittedly, our learning of inclusive language continues to evolve and we are committed to EDI attitudes and practices.

Through this program, IG offers the greatest acceleration for women-founded scale-ups across Canada who are ready to advance their businesses!

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Are You Eligible?

If your Canadian company is scalable, women-led or co-founded, and generating a minimum of $200,000, you can qualify for this program.

What’s in it for you?

Companies will receive $5,000-$10,000 in support for business scale-up services. Support includes one-on-one leadership coaching sessions.

The program begins with a deep-dive into your business:

The second phase provides access to project funding:


Discovery Phase

You will receive up to 15 hours of mentorship to help you to identify your company’s options for growth.

COST: FREE for a select group of qualified scale-ups. (OVER A $2,000 VALUE)

Traction Phase

In this phase, you will work with IG industry specialist(s) on project execution to accelerate your company through one or more key challenges identified in the Discovery Phase.

COST:  $5000 subsidy available for approved projects, with client contribution of $1400.

“The Rhyze up program has been instrumental in scaling and growing my business. Their experts provided invaluable mentorship and strategies to increase visibility, viability and profitability for Doodle Lovely. Thank-you!”

Melissa Llyod, Founder, Doodle Lovely

“The Rhyze Up! program at Innovation Guelph has been amazing for our agency. It has given our executive team access to a team of knowledgeable and dedicated experts that gave us strategic advice to help build additional legacy in our business. Thank you Innovation Guelph for the much-needed support!”

Stefanie Curtis, CEO, Pace Creative

I have found my people! Being a part of this program and group of women and mentors has been an absolute gamechanger for my business leadership skills, my business acumen, and in the growth of my business overall. I cannot say enough good things!


Jennifer Pratt

Founder, Seeding Square

The Rhyze up program exceeded our expectations, on multiple levels. The insight that we’ve gained from working with all of our mentors has been above and beyond. At this stage in our company’s growth, the value we’ve received from this program is immense. Rhyze Up did a great job of partnering us with the right people.

Jess Devenport,

Founder, Paintillio

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This program is supported in part by the National Research Council Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP)

National Research Council Canada