Winning government and business Request for Proposal (RFP) projects is a competitive process, and often a stressful time for entrepreneurs, but it does not have to be! Over the past 20 years, RiverRoad Creative has been helping entrepreneurs win business contracts and secure millions of dollars in business.

Do YOU want to win more government and business RFP projects? RiverRoad Creative can help!

Innovation Guelph clients receive:

  • A FREE consultation & RFP assessment (Value $100+)
  • Special rates for RFP application submissions that include:
    • Training and empowerment for an identified team member to learn the best practices of writing compelling RFP applications, and
    • A polished & professional application, ready to submit and use as a template for future RFP project applications.

River Road Creative specializes in positioning businesses as the perfect fit for projects in their niche. After completing the personalized proposal writing training, you won’t need RiverRoad Creative anymore! Empowered with their expertise and experience, you will write your own compelling proposals every time.

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The companies listed on this page do not pay Innovation Guelph (IG) or its affiliates for your business. If you decide to become a client with any of the listed Perk Partners, it is done so of your own volition, having informed yourself of the services or products offered by the Perk Provider and without recourse against (IG) for any reason whatsoever thereafter. Please review the offers and proceed only if you are comfortable with the payment options and service levels provided. IG strives to bring exclusive offers for value-added products and services to our clients but is not liable for any failed business agreement(s) or unsatisfactory outcomes should you choose to proceed.