RunWithIt Synthetics Inc.: Rhyze Up! – A Grown-Up Program that Delivers

May 17, 2021 | Client Stories

Myrna Bittner,is the CEO and Co-Founder of RWI Synthetics, an AI-based modelling company that supplies a Synthetic Modelling Platform (SMP) for disrupted sectors like sustainability, mobility, resilience and energy. She said the Rhyze Up! program provided what she described as a unique and grown-up opportunity for her company. As an aboriginal, woman-led company she appreciated the engagement and that it was tailored to her company’s specific needs, especially since RWI Synthetics is not a cookie-cutter business. 

The company is like SimCity, except for real, with live, geospatially accurate cities or regions, The complete with their people, activity, policies, infrastructure.  Its designed to calculate the impacts of all kinds of opportunities and risks, existing and anticipated, under any conceivable scenarios. Like a living digital lab for architecting and understanding our world. 

Bittner said she even learned from the way her Innovation Guelph (IG) mentors listened, engaged and adapted in their interactions with her. “I was able to see our objectives with the clarify of the mentors that helped us with our own vision,” she said, adding, “the direct engagement with experts who had a lifetime of fantastic experience that I don’t have, was so valuable.” 

Through IG’s Rhyze Up! program, Bittner addressed challenges of facing market interest with unfamiliar agreements to navigate. “The expertise around these agreements advanced my understanding and negotiating ability,” she said. Additional help was provided to map out the company’s target market, sales funnel and sales processes with guidelines, tracking and future planning. Since completing the program, RWI Synthetics have changed the language they use around what they do and their product offering. They’ve also engaged at a higher level with their partners, refined targets and implemented more process around how they manage business development 

IG leadership coach Patricia Muir provided Bittner with a reassuring opportunity to discuss struggles and focus on what was solvable. She said, “Patricia helped me develop strategies to mitigate challenges and helped look at things from a different perspective.” 

Bittner’s company has benefited from the program because they’ve reached that next stage of business growth, far more savvy with negotiations and confident about their trajectory. “The access to an engaged, external perspective helped us to move forward with confidence – which externally implies competence and less risk as an innovative and disruptive company,” Bittner said.  

“I’ve told a lot of people about the program,” she said. “Unlike other programs that tell you what you’ll do, Rhyze Up! Asks,  “what can we help you with?” There’s a direct transfer of expertise that she said is important to a woman-led company. “This approach was invaluable.”