Startup Program

The Innovation Guelph (IG) Startup Program is specially designed for selected entrepreneurs and startups that want to accelerate their business to revenue and investment.

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The IG Startup Program has two levels:

Level 1

Level 1 is our fully funded educational and networking program for selected entrepreneurs.

What’s in it for you?

Access to monthly Startup Community calls, workshops, events, premium opportunities, and resources designed for early-stage, innovative startups. This program is a fully funded educational and networking program for select entrepreneurs with scaling startups and acts as an introduction to all other IG Programming. There is no cost to participate. Enrollment is evaluated based on engagement, completion of surveys and timing.

After a 12-month evaluation, entrepreneurs will graduate to Level 2 at no charge, become alumni or continue Level 1 support.

Level 2

Level 2Level 2 is a fully funded two year program for high potential companies and those in Level 1 who show considerable development.

What’s in it for you?

Building on the foundation of Level 1, to make the experience even more personal for the enrolled ventures, this program adds up to 2-hours of fully funded monthly mentorship with an advisor. Offered for a maximum of 24-months, this program is ideal for founders looking for additional support and guidance to scale. All companies between $0 to $1M in annual reoccuring revenue (ARR) with innovative products and services and the potential to scale, will be considered. There is no cost to participate. Enrollment is evaluated based on engagement, completion of surveys and timing, and is fully at the discretion of the program manager.

Additional perks of Level 2:

  • Significant discounts available for “A La Carte” style consulting engagements (aka “Boost” Projects)
  • Complimentary use of the Workshop@IG co-working space in Guelph for up to 4 days per month

Continuation past the 24-months of fully supported mentorship is available at a “buy one, get one” basis, and is determined in collaboration with the program staff.

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Are you Eligible?

To be accepted into the IG Startup Program, companies need to meet the following requirements:

Must be working on business minimum 20 hrs per week


Must be incorporated or planning to incorporate

Under $1 million in revenue

Must have a scalable product or service that is innovative by nature

Cannot be a consultant or solo entrepreneur with a service or retail outlet focused on selling locally; and/or unable or unwilling to scale

Program Engagement

Regular updates with an IG Program Manager

Level of engagement and ability/willingness to be coached will be assessed

Completion of all survey requests

Enrollment in program is at the discretion of the Program Manager for Startups

“IG is a great resource for small businesses working hard at becoming big businesses. They address gaps in our business plans, day to day issues & help us focus on the big picture and moving forward towards it. It is a huge help having access to the professionals whose knowledge we can tap into.” 

Jill Fisher, Lighthouse Lemonade, Startup Program Level 2

“If there was one resource I had to name in the last 5 years that helped my business the most, I would name Innovation Guelph. Engagement in a mentorship relationship, like the programs offered through Innovation Guelph, with real business professionals for a startup-stage business is an extremely efficient way to not only grow revenue, but also to lay the foundations of a legacy business. I applaud Innovation Guelph for allowing me the opportunity to see the results for my business that have come through these key relationships. Thank you!” 

Scott Reid, Althaea Herb Farm, Startup Program Level 2

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