Sustainability has never tasted so good.

Sweet Temptations believes that we depend on one another and that we are responsible for each other. By creating strong bonds with local farmers and suppliers now, they are helping to grow and support our local economy through the use of sustainable ingredients. Jakki Prince, founder of Sweet Temptations, is committed to making a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Jakki and her team are working to grow their network of local farmers and producers to use, where possible using exclusively Wellington County ingredients, such as fresh berries and eggs. Jakki described the B-Corp process as a team effort with her employees. It was difficult at first because it calls on skills that not everyone has. “You’ve got a team of part-timers, bakers etc. and you need to sit and write policy” says Jakki, “However, it was a straightforward process once you understood it”. One thing is for sure: Jakki and her team are dedicated.

Jakki found that there was a change in the collective understanding within the team. “Every choice we make can be sustainable. We can source ingredients locally. It’s a reminder to everyone to go the extra mile” says Jakki, “It’s because we’re committed to something bigger.”

Sweet Temptations is excited to connect with like-minded businesses apart of the B-Corp community. They’re looking to expand and want to be distinguished as being different and sustainable. Make sure to support and follow Sweet Temptations as a new member of the B Corp community, and as they strive to do bigger and better every day.

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