To address her oldest son’s food intolerances, Jill Weaver, founder of Stock Exchange Bone Broth, became passionate about sourcing food from local farmers and started creating stocks and broths from her kitchen food waste. She learned to create nutrient-dense bone broth and began blending it into her cooking. Eventually she started trading bone broth to other busy parents. She launched a Facebook page called Stock Exchange in 2013 and its success inspired her to incorporate a formal business in June 2015.  

Feeling as though her momentum had stalled, Weaver said she was lacking energy and hope. I was basically at a stand-still,” Weaver said. Reaching out to Innovation Guelph pushed her to take action and move her business forward. The grant provided by FedDevON and the mentorship provided me with the support I needed to persevere and stick with my business.” 

Since being accepted into the Fuel Injection program, I have not changed my original vision or direction, but have simply built upon it,” Weaver explained.  

Stock Exchange founder Jill Weaver at the 2019 Innovation Expo

Connecting to the local food system is an intentional strategy of her business. In fact, Weaver’s family history is tied to agriculture. A family business, Weavercroft International was the largest livestock exporter in Canada. However, that business quickly changed in 2003 due to the mad-cow crisis. Her father came from generations of farmers and her mother’s family were sheep farmers. Weaver has professional experience with the University of Waterloo, an NGO and early experience in food service. Drawing on her roots, academic and working education, she is passionate about sourcing locally. I believe we need to honour our food, the farmers who are growing and harvesting it, and utilize everything to its full potential (nose to tail) while regenerating the soil and the environment,” Weaver explained.  

I am most proud of the farm partner relationships we have established, and the new market Stock Exchange has developed and for purchasing under-utilized animal parts and ‘ugly vegetables’ to create traditional, nutrient dense, clean label, functional food products with superior taste profiles.” Weaver said. I am also proud of myself for persevering through these initial early and very tough years.” 

Weaver says she offers customers a bone broth product that is the closest to homemade available on the market. Based on her belief that our current food system is lacking in so many ways, she wants to offer an alternative to like-minded consumers.  Although their production process is extremely labour-intensive, Weaver is committed to providing her product to those interested in “slow food made convenient for people who want to know how their food is grown, harvested, processed, packaged, and distributed.”  

Weaver isn’t resting on her accomplishments; she plans to develop additional lines of bone broth sourced from within Ontario. Bison, heritage pork, wild boar, pastured turkey, duck, goose, lamb and Georgian Bay white fish are on her list! She is also considering a mushroom/veg stock and even a shrimp stock from the new shrimp farms in the province.  

Stock Exchange Bone Broth is currently available in the freezer section of over 200 stores across the province and continues to grow.  

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