Innovation Guelph and Company of Women are partnering to present One Red Lipstick, October 27th at the Bookshelf Cinema
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The Imposter Series Presents One Red Lipstick

When: October 27th, 6:30pm

Where: The Bookshelf Cinema, 41 Quebec Street (2nd floor), Guelph, ON

About the Film:

Twenty-something Spenser was on a quest to find women entrepreneurs who had been there and back, and yet were still successful in life and in business. She’s brought together 24 entrepreneurial women from across North America, each with an inspiring story to share. While the situations vary, their message remains the same – dust yourself off, focus and live your life.

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Special Guests:

Anne Day

After an eclectic career in the non-profit sector, government and as editor of a magazine, Anne Day was 50 when she started her business. But two years in she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. This wake-up call caused her to focus all her energies on Company of Women, as she wanted to make a difference and help other women in business succeed.

Fay Chapple

Fay Chapple is Spenser’s mother and the reason this whole project started. Fay was a global leader in the corporate world, when her husband at 46 became disabled and her world changed overnight. Being the breadwinner for the family, with a disabled husband and three young children, (ages 17,15 and 4) to support, she had to in her own words – “just to get on with it.” And she has.


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