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The Rhyze Project cultivates entrepreneurial spirit of women in Guelph and Wellington County

This collaborative project provides learning, mentorship and networking opportunities to help women build financial capital, business skills, peer networks and confidence. The Rhyze Project is currently developing programming to support women, no matter their career path or stage.

About the Project Name

The Rhyze Project is inspired by the rhizome, a root system that some plants use to grow. While the roots of most plants generally point downward, the rhizome grows horizontally underground. The rhizome sends shoots up from its nodes, growing what appear to be many separate plants. These seemingly unrelated individual plants are actually all connected through a system that’s not immediate visible to the eye. Rhizomes are resilient and determined: just like women. We know you’ll agree that this metaphor is a fitting description of the mission and vision for The Rhyze Project.

Rhyze Project Initiatives

The Rhyze Award
The Rhyze Award is an annual award that provides funding and mentorship local female entrepreneurs.
The Rhyze Award
The Rhyze Academy is an educational program developed to support women entrepreneurs with business skills and work-life integration.
The Rhyze Award
Rhyze On the Road is a new program for local youth with the goal of strengthening leadership, self care and confidence.

Latest News

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The Rhyze Project is made possible through funding from:

Status of Women
The Trillium Foundation
Miller Thomson Lawyers/Avocats

And Founding Sponsor:

Meridian Credit Union