Once again, we’ve leaned on our IG Mentors for their recommendations. We asked what websites they most often recommend to clients. Here are their recommendations, in no particular order. 

1. Strategyzer


Over 5 million people use our Business Model Canvas. Join them by using our platform and services to clearly understand customers, create better products, and grow businesses.

2.Talking to Humans & Giff Constable


A practical guide to the qualitative side of customer development, an indispensable skill for vetting and improving any new startup or innovation.

3.Scaling Up


Supporting companies as they scale into industry-dominating businesses.

4.MaRS Entrepreneurship 101


Created for aspiring founders who want a masterclass in entrepreneurship, this award-winning five-week online course offers weekly mentorship from experts, access to a network of fellow entrepreneurs, and all the tools you need to launch your startup.

5. Startup Canada


We are entrepreneurs working together to build a Canada for entrepreneurs and give a voice to the Canadian startup community. 

Honorable Mentions

TD Small Business Planner: https://www.tdcanadatrust.com/products-services/small-business/windocs.jsp 

Founders Institute: https://fi.co/ 

Steve Blank: https://steveblank.com/ 

BDC: https://www.bdc.ca