We caught up with our mentors to discuss niche markets and asked if they had seen any examples of clients’ marketing strategies targeted a specific niche market? 

Carol Johnston: Two Spent Grains are both environmentally conscious and have a focus on sustainability using upcycled grain used to create pet treats.  

George Staikos: Ecosystems Informatics – They specialize on Agri-sustainability.  

Mark Goldberg: I think “environmentally conscious” and “sustainable” products have moved from niche to mainstream as more people experience the impact of global warming and ask what they can do to help reverse the trend. 

Saskia Brussaard: Fold & Fray – Marketing and selling previously worn clothes without gender specific descriptions, and also the idea of less waste…reducing plastics in packaging.   

Hari Stirbet: With a strategy focused on environmentally conscious consumers, a great success is FAIR/SQUARE now in Woodstock. They joined Rhyze Ventures this cohort and they have grown their online vegan store. They are on par to generate 300K this year. Because of their audience (vegans) they found that this idea of carbon neutral, they were able to involve not only the company but their clients. Their clients have the opportunity when they finalize their transaction to contribute to the carbon footprint of their order. More than 50 per cent of clients are doing so. The company itself is looking for packaging for shipping from companies that are carbon neutral, are providing recyclable packaging. It costs them more, but customers are loving it and it is a distinguishing factor from competitors.  

Mary Granskou: BEEBAGZ are developing waterproof/resistant paper bags into an environment where single use plastics will continue to get banned from companies and through regulations. The founder has all of the makings of a successful person with huge potential.